Flat Work

We provide concrete footings, poured foundations, concrete flatwork, decorative concrete, foundation waterproofing, drain tiling, and foundation insulating.

Interior concrete slabs are poured 3.5” thick with 4000 lb PSI concrete on a 6 mill poly placed on a compacted level base.

Control joints are installed during the pour using Zip Strips placed at 12’ on center max spacing and as needed to limited cracking.

Garage Floors & exterior concrete are poured 4” thick using 4000 lb PSI and reinforced with 3/8 rebar 20” on center each way.  Fiber mesh is available upon request. Control jointing max 12’ on center, by use of tool joints, saw joints and zip strip joints.

All exterior concrete is cured and sealed with T-K Products for curing and sealing.

Larger floors are placed using Laser Screed.