Concrete Material Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ’s.

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What does Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. need to be able to give you an estimate?
We need a full set of plans and 1 personal contact.

Why are poured concrete walls better than cement blocks?
Poured Concrete Walls are Stronger (40% more concrete), Faster Construction process, more water tight and a drier basement. A poured concrete wall is all around a better choice.

Why waterproof?
Waterproofing the exterior of  your home keeps the foundation from wicking water through the walls. Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. uses an exterior foundation waterproofing system using a tough seamless polymer membrane which is backed by a 10-year warranty.

What  is architectural/decorative concrete and how much more does it cost?
There are many types of colored concrete:  Some with simple texture,  some with unique patterns, some with color only and no texture. The cost may vary from $1.00 – $7.00 additional per square foot. Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. has been doing decorative concrete for more than 8 years now. 

Is colored/stamped concrete durable?
Yes, in fact with proper care the wear surface is actually 25% more durable.

Does integral colored concrete fade?
No, the color will not fade if it is maintained. 

Do I need to maintain my concrete?
Yes, you need to maintain your concrete. We will seal your concrete the first time for curing reasons (twice for decorative concrete).  We recommend you reapply a sealer prior to winter or after 30 days and then once every 3 years after. 

How far does Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. travel?
Generally, depending upon the size of the project, we travel 50-60 miles from our office without any travel charge.

Why use Form-a-drain and what does it do?
Form-a-drain is a CertainTeed complete tile system.  It is the Cadillac of drainage systems.  Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. strongly recommends this system for any soil that is not sand.  It is also a radon evacuation system. 

Will my concrete crack?
Cracking from shrinkage is normal and characteristic of concrete. Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. uses control joints in the building process on both horizontal and vertical concrete to try to control cracking. 

Do you use nylon fibers?
Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. will offer fibers as an extra crack prevention method. But not as a replacement for reinforcement. 

Can I use salt in the winter on my concrete?
If you maintain your sealer you may after the first winter, but we strongly recommend a non-corrosive deicer.

Do you pour foundations / flatwork year round?
Yes, we offer year round concrete installation. We have taken part in many Portland cement cold weather construction testing and own and use many heaters and insulated blankets.

How do you thaw out the ground in the winter?
Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. owns and operates 2 Thawzall Ground Heating Units.

How early in the year can you pour concrete outside & how late in the year?
Cost effectively and weather dependent – April thru October.  With extra cost and procedures you can pour year round.

Do you offer brick patterns?
Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. offers a precise textured brick pattern – the most realistic brick texture on the market.

What type of forms do you use?
Precise forms.

Do you use rebar?
All of Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. walls are constructed using rebar spec quantities.  In connection with Oswell Engineering and Consulting LLC, annual engineering is designed to meet state, local and federal building codes. 

What is spancrete & where is it used?
We use spancrete to create living space or additional storage space below garages and porches.  Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. has installed 100’s of multi-level garages and houses. 

When can I drive on my concrete?
Typically 5-7 days after poured.

Do you offer any warranties?
Most of our products carry a manufactures warranty and Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. warranties its workmanship.