Poured Foundations

Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. has over 20 + years of experience in Residential, Commercial, and Agricultural Foundations. All Foundations installed are in accordance with Oswell Engineering and Consulting LLC annual standardized drawings, to meet and exceed MN and WI Local and State codes.

Typical footings are 20” x 8” with 2 #4 (½” rebar) continuous and are set to height by laser level and squared with use of a Trimble Total Station system:

Typical poured wall foundations are reinforced depending on the height.  8’ walls 5/8 rebar vertical 36” on center having 2 – 5/8 rebar horizontal. 9’ walls ¾ rebar vertical 36” on center and 2 – ¾ rebar horizontal.

Engineering available for any foundation out of the ordinary.

All foundations use cast in place control jointing at a max spacing of 20 Lin. Ft. and at all elevation changes.

Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF)
Insulated foundations are available with the use of Dow Chemical T-MASS Insulated foundation walls.  Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. is one of the largest installers of T-Mass insulated walls in MN and WI: www.thermomass.com