I wanted to let you know what an amazing job your team did today on our concrete patio and sidewalk.  There was a 5% chance of rain today and when they were almost done it started raining, they waited it out and after the sun came out again and they finished up.  Suddenly a new wave of thunderstorms came through.  This incredible team rolled out a plastic sheet and made a tent over their heads and stayed until they were certain that the concrete was going to be safe from the weather.

In addition, they did a great job making sure that the yard was fixed up after the Bobcat made tracks in the yard and driveway.  I am so impressed with their professionalism and dedication to their work.

You have an incredible team!  Joan Blomquist.   Casey/Spooner WI

Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. – Thank you for doing a good job on the walls and the floors.  I sure would recommend you for poured walls & concrete floors.  Thanks Again.   Allen Hoffman

Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. did a great job!  They listened and even let me check how square the walls were.  Too accurate to believe.  Thanks!  Jeff V. Hudson

We absolutely love the concrete work done by your company.  I was so impressed by your timeliness, quality of workmanship & workers attention to detail.  We will definitely refer you to everyone wanting the best in concrete.  Armin & Cindy Hoffman

Your crews did incredible work.  Each one – foundation layout, foundation pouring, slab and finishing were professional and easy to deal with.  They all seemed to out do the others with their hard working, synchronization, efficiency and speed.  They didn’t waste time or effort and were diligent to a fault.  I would highly recommend your services and look forward to a future project that I can pursue.  Thanks again.  Gary Rick

Your crew of men that you sent to do my project were the best I’ve ever worked with!  Thank you.  Cowboy Meister

Please pass on to the people in charge.  I wanted to put a note in as to how satisfied with the quality of work performed on our farm by your foreman and his workers.  They kept a neat job and were pleasant to be around.  Peter Wurser from Wisconsin DATCP commented to me on the excellent quality work and ease of working together with them.  He was the engineer on the job.  He said it was the best crew he had ever dealt with.  He was very appreciative of their work and finished product as I am also.  It was not an easy job.  Thank you  Scott Carlson

We wish to thank you for working with us on the stoop repair and replacement at 2041 Paris Ave. Your commitment to stand behind your work, even these difficult times is truly appreciated and further endears Plummer Concrete to
Main Street Builders.”
Mark & Tom

“I have to commend your guys for the good service and excellent work.  I appreciate your helpfulness and cooperation with my building project. This experience with your company was a total pleasure!  Keep up the good work and excellent public relations!”
Donna Holst
Goodhue, MN

“Excellent Work – Thanks!” Charlie Jansen

“Your crews did incredible work.  Each one – foundation layout, foundation pouring, slab and finishing were professional and easy to deal with. They all seemed to outdo the other with their hard working, synchronization, efficiency and speed. They didn’t waste time or effort and were diligent to a fault.  I would highly recommend your services and look forward to a future project that I can pursue.  Thanks again.
P.S. Hey, I appreciate your help in answering the questions and taking my calls. You have a great operation, company.”
Gary Rick, Montimedi, MN

“Your crew of men that you sent to do my project were the best I’ve ever worked with!  Thank you.”
Cowboy Meister, Stillwater, MN

“Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. has taken an active interest in the Thermomass product. Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. was among the first to try the product and have made it work.  My experience dealing with Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. has been great.  They’ve really promoted the product, and it’s a pleasure to deal with them.”
Mike Moriaty
Cemstone Poured Wall Supervisor – Northern half of MN

“Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. is a “model contractor to deal with”.  They are very good at what they do.  They are very quality-oriented, and are easy to work with as well.”
Greg Sauline, Tremco

“I have been working with Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. for over a decade and my experience with the company has been “excellent”.  The guys are on time, and they know what they want.  I feel Plummer does an outstanding job in the “extreme conditions we have here in Wisconsin.”  

Dave Cave, Cemstone – Western Wisconsin

“When I call them for a job, their turnaround time is very fast, and they take care of any problems that may arise.  They have given us good service.”
Doug Cudd – Cudd Brothers Builders, River Falls,WI

“We have been working with Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. for over 15 years.  Every year the outstanding service gets better.  I enjoy working with everyone there.”

Todd Kuchera, President, Lund Builders, Inc.

“I’ve been working with Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. for years now, and we’ve done some pretty complicated basements together.  They’ve always done good work for me, and that’s important because the foundation is what we start out with.”
Randy Bollom, Badgerland Const.


The following excerpt is from an article featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

“The forms have been pulled after the second pour of concrete and I have to say they look pretty impressive. Rising a total of 25 feet from the footings and some 18 feet above grade, they look more like the ruins from some (obviously highly advanced) ancient civilization than they do the formations of a home.

I don’t know what in particular it is but concrete is one of the most beautiful materials. All the imperfections caused by air being trapped in the forms or lines from where the two forms were joined seem to give each section of wall it‚s own personality. Although most of what we see in this first pour will be hidden in the basement or below grade the next pour will be quite the opposite. All the walls that remain to be poured are above grade,
exposed sections.

On a normal poured wall you would have one person on the crew manning the pump to direct the concrete into  the walls and several others working to finishing the tops of the wall. However with the Thermomass system you also need a person who works as a spotter to ensure that the insulation isn’t getting pushed around inside the forms and that the concrete is being evenly distributed on both sides. As a result of the height of our above grade walls Plummer made the smart decision to pour the the tallest wall sections in two pours, reducing the risk of the forms blowing out. After these initial wall sections have solidified themselves the crew from Plummer will come back in and set new forms, install add additional rebar and set the Thermomass system so they can complete the pour of remainder of the above grade wall sections.

In order to reduce the environmental impact of a large concrete pour like ours, the concrete is mixed with a product called fly ash. Fly ash is a waste product from coal used to power electrical generator plants. This reduces the need for virgin quarried materials as well reducing the landfill needs required for the disposal of the material. This along with the energy efficiency of the Thermomass (R33 including thermal gain) walls make a large concrete pour like this a relatively “green friendly” building solution.

A boom truck from Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. pulled into our site carrying hundreds of pounds of concrete wall forms and hours of intense labor with it. I had worked on a poured wall crew in college, so I knew all to well what lay ahead of these guys as the temperature swelled well into the 90s with high humidity over the next few days.

We had selected Plummer Concrete & Associats, Inc. as our sub-contractor on this portion of the project for their years of expertise in the installation of this advanced concrete foundation system. Although based on the same simple principle as traditional poured concrete walls, the system that Plummer Concrete & Associates, Inc. was installing (Thermomass) features a sandwiched layer of insulation between two walls of concrete. This works to create a highly energy efficient wall that is resistant to mold, mildew and cold temperatures, usually associated with basements. As many of our walls are above grade they require a fair amount of rebar (steel reinforcements) so the sheets of rigid form insulation needed to be slid into place  between the two layers rebar and then enclosed in the wall forms. As well all the window openings needed to be blocked out with wood forms and conduit run for later installation of electrical.

Monday was muggy but the cloud cover provide some protection from the heat as the crew worked to set the forms, however Tuesday offered no such solace. At lunch time I made a trip to the site to see what progress had been made. As I stepped out of my car the heat of the day was so thick that it made even breathing a chore and I was worried that it would bring a slow grind to the days work. To my surprise the crew had made significant progress from Monday and looked to be on schedule to complete this portion of the project and keep us on track for a late week pour. As I climbed back into my car and headed back to work, I was thankful for the hard work and  extra effort the crew from Plummer had put in and reminded just how easy those of us who work in offices
truly have it.